24 January 1999

Ancient Evil of a Fallen City, Part II

Day of Justice (Escaping the Tower Gate)
After a nights rest and some healing magick, the party descended two more levels only to see the rest of the Tower Gate’s floors gone and most of the other wall destroyed.  The only method of descent was by a massive, metal chain fused to the ceiling above and stretching down to the Fallen City.  During their long climb down a massive, fuscia dragon circled the tower, but did not approach.  The chain “ladder” ended in the center of a hollowed and broken citadel.  Several fresh and stripped corpses lay strewn about and a rough trail surrounded by thorny, poisonous, unkempt, purple hedges.  The party travelled to the end of this trail only to come upon a the citadel’s gatehouse now the lair of a hobgoblin tribe.  Unwilling to haggle with goblinfolk Raven unleashed a spray of fireballs in to the windows of the gatehouse, blowing it and its occupants up.  Unfortunately the moat surrounding the citadel, was lit aflame by the burning debris of the gatehouse and the party quickly fled over the burning drawbridge.
The explosion of the gatehouse drew the attention of the Tribe of Three Red Cuts who controlled a villa further down the road the stretched from the gatehouse, the King’s Road.  It also attacked the attention of a the dragon lord of this domain, a vile fuschia colored creature that breathed cold, so frigid it burned.  The party excited to a nearby villa and let the Tribe of the Three Red Cuts kill the fleeing remnants of the hobgoblins, followed by the dragon wiping out the patrol from the Three Red Cuts.

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