21 January 2009

The Towers of Discipline, Health, Treasure, Webs, and Confusion

The Tower of Discipline
Entering the tower they came upon a tall hooded executioner standing behind a scarred chopping block. He hissed in Moilian which caused Goldune to begin to walk toward the chopping block with the intent of placing his head on its much bloodied surface. As the battle raged Dorun engaged his brother, dragging him back from the block, the necromantic and arcane might of Boris and Warrick rained hellfire down upon the doom executioner. Only their spellcraft saved the grappling brothers.

The tower also held a desiccated corpse wrapped in frozen webs and torture cells opposite a demonic mural meant to drive a mortal mad, which later caused Warrick to be shaken by an accursed nightmare. The last cell held a hooded female figure, who emanated evil, the brothers dispatched this foe with the vorpal axe.

The Tower of Health
Over the entrance hung a cadeuces, guarding an observation deck on which several hibernating Moilian zombies. Absalom threw them trough the window to the Negative Plane below. Further within the tower they found a healing madron, named Cindia. She healed the party members injured by blackfire and decided to join the party. They passed a trapped imaging system and eventually met Dr. Tor, another madron healer. However unlike "Cindy" this construct was mad and attempted to drug the party and slay them. The fury of the Warbreed and Boris' hellfire destroyed the blood letting corpse carpenter.

The Tower of Treasure
Was empty...typical

The Tower of Webs
This tower was essentially hollow except for great sticky strands of webbing that stretched across its diameter. Based on the words in the taunting poem at the entrance of the City That Waits the party elected to search near the base of the tower. Thus Warrick flew toward the plane of Negative Energy with Boris who melted away the stone with his magic allowing Warrick to access the riddle box suspended from the bottom of the webs. However hanging from the bottom was another winter wight who Warrick wasted at a distance with his eldritch powers. He then examined the box finding a riddle "Many tails have I, or many a beginning. If I fail people sight; wails mark their passing" under which three icons for were emblazoned a tree, a many tailed cat, and a rope. The Brothers Warbreed (surprisingly) hatched upon the solution, a rope and when Warrick touched this icon a burst of magic exploded forth setting as yet untold events into play.

The Tower of Confusion
This tower was a winding maze filled with a living oily darkness. Using the Warbreed's stone cunning, the party chose the steady solution of the labyrinth by always following the leftside wall. As they drew deeper into the coiled corridors the writhing darkness grew closer and closer. Finally, Boris decided to use the Wand of Daylight creating a temporary gap in the nocturnal stalker. Finally after many hours of delving they came upon a great deviant arachnoid that Boris slew with a single spell, lifting the floating inkiness. This revealed a great black switch, that the party engaged causing the tower to shake and buckle. After some moments of this, they reversed the switch causing a similar burst of expectant magic.

04 January 2009

The City That Waits

The Brothers Warbreed, Boris Devilboone, and Warrick Sinister found themselves teleported to a deserted city on the edge of the void, fierce electrical mayhem cascading overhead. The air was dead and bitter cold, and a thick layer of frost covered the towers and thin walkways. Before them, engraved in malachite was a challenge from the lich-god Acererack, daring them to face him in his lair. But first they must brave the many towers of Moil, the City That Waits.

The Tower of Day
The first tower was explored showing the Moilian's worship of the sun before being cursed by Orcus ("why does coinage says us orc again and again"). In this tower they found a chamber with an inscription charging them to initiate the power of Wand of day. Dorun Warbreed touched the middle panel showing the day, unknowingly freeing the wand from its icy prison further in the tower. The group also recovered a golden headband which they would later learn could heal them and allow them to scry the many towers of Moil in the icy thrown. In their exploration they also found the outline of a humanoid figure in the frost, how recently vacated they could not tell. In they end they secured the wand of day.

The Tower of Chance
In this tower they faced their first Moilian zombie, its properties earlier studied by Boris and Warrick in the Black Academy. The Brothers Warbreed were only lightly harmed by the soul feeding zombie's powers before Warrick's eldritch might destroyed the foul deadspawn. They discovered evidence of Desato's presence here as well as a decanter of purity in the casino's bar before discovering a room labelled the Final Game. Here Boris' vampire thrall Absalom used his gaseous form to slip under the door and vanished. The Warbreed broke the door down only to vanish into a cursed mirror above the door. Boris used a magical stone hand to destroy the mirror without being caught in its irresistible reflection, freeing the brothers, a Moilian zombie, Absalom, and an ancient Moilian thief named Lextra. After deactivating the Moilian zombie before it could absorb too much life force they threw it out the window. Using his magical gifts, Boris was able to communicate with Lextra, who had no evil aura, who chose the join the party.
As they explore the tower they found a skeleton incased in clear ice, which suddenly animated and attacked the party. The Warbreed engaged the creature at close range, only to find themselves entangled by blackfire, fueled by their very vitality. Boris called on his hellfire to scorch away not only the winter-wight but the blackfire as well, the trollblood in the brothers allowing them to quickly heal from the inferno.
Later in the tower they found a magical roulette table from which Lextra gained the gift of agility. But even that was not enough for her to deactivate a tantalizingly glowing curio cabinet, which the party was forced to leave behind. Using her skills and Absalom's undead nature the party was able to defeat both a ward of insanity and of death guarding a vaulted, steel valve door. Inside they found another Moilian undead, from which they took arcane gauntlets of armor and the powerful sentinel mask.

The Tower of Portals
The less said about the trials of the maze of this tower the better, gentle reader...

The Aqueous Tower
The fourth tower was naught but cold and brine. Inside a ladder led down into dark, icy salt water. Forwarned by Acererack's posted challenge the party made ready to battle the brine dragon guardian of the Key. Bespelled against cold and water the party entered the depths, traversing the crystalline caverns of the dragon's lair. As they explored the brackish tunnels, Warrick discovered some illuminated runes which activated to dispel their magical boons. Fortunately the Boris might was greater than the magical trap and the party continued unmolested. Finally they came upon the great brine dragon, slumbering in the salty depths. Boris swam forward and launched his wail of the banshee, striking it dead in its sleep. The party collected the dragon's expansive treasure of platinum coin and magical items, including a death scarab and dwarven thrower.