19 February 2022

Town of Wendover

 Our heroes are:

  • Barehands Brawlsmuch a half-orc monk
  • Sorcy Skullfoot a skeletaling sorcerer. Skeletalings are halflings changed by the necromantic energies of the Barrowlands to become sentient skeletons.

Inn of the Flower Princess owned and operated by Granny Blinkins

The Race of Wendover is a two person race in the early Planting after the snows have melted. Racing against Barehands and Sorcy were (1) two autonomous skeleton warriors from the Barrowlands of the Undead Clans near Sorcy’s homeland, (2) the goblin Bentback riding the were-warg Lupus Tyranus, and (3) gnoll ranger Snarls-at-Fools carrying the dwarven thief Durick Deepgrotto. One of the autonomous skeletons was destroyed when Sorcy charmed them to help “their” team of Sorcy and Barehands. Lupus Tyranus was injured but healed. Snarls-at-Fools and Durick were injured by Sorcy’s magic missile. They tripped our heroes but they were able to recover only to be brought down by Durick’s attempt to throw a knife at Barehands. Our heroes won 100 gold suns each.

The lord-mayor of Wendover then hired our heroes to investigate a seemingly abandoned home in the roughest part of town where some neer-do-wells were allegedly hiding out. He promised them 500 gold suns if they brought them in. Sorcy and Barehands recruited from their fellow racers and the autonomous skeleton ASU71248 and Durick joined them. Durick picked the lock of the front door and Barehands, eager to mete justice, charged through only to be trapped under a cunning rubble trap. Our heroes were ambushed by a gang of kobolds, the Nastoids. Sorcy used his grave touch to cause one to flee, while a fierce melee ensued whilst Barehands struggled to free himself. Sorcy exchanged spellfire with arrow fire and dropped another gang member. Meanwhile Durick and ASU71248 defeated the other two kobold gang members.

With the autonomous skeletal unit guarding their kobold prisoners the remaining three searched the house’s main floor. Sorcy discovered a cache of healing potions and Barehands found 10 gold roses. On the second floor, Durick spied the last Nastoid kobold fleeing across the rooftops of  the densely packed warren. They found nothing else of value in the ruin.

They then changed their focus to the basement, but Durick failed to discover a poison gas trap on the basement door. He was seriously injured but stabilized by Barehands who dragged him outside to further recover. Our heroic duo explored the basement, finding no  treasure, but missing a trapdoor trap that dropped them, after many minutes of sliding, in a dark room, black as pitch, where they promptly lost acquaintance with consciousness.