31 December 2023

The Escape From Magus Mif’s Cursed Caverns

 Our heroes:

  • Barehands Brawlsmuch - half-orc monk
  • Sorcy Skullfoot - skeletaling sorcerer
In the darkest pitch of midnight, Barehands and Sorcy regained consciousness. As they regained their senses, words appeared on a iron-bound door glimmered magically, "Welcome Ye To The Tests of Mif's Caverns. Prove Thy Worth And Find Six Cubes To Set Thee Free." They entered the warren of carved tunnels, off to their left the the buzzing of great insect wings behind a locked door which they wisely left sealed. Around the corner they came upon a sleeping cleric of Bahamoot, Dragonspirit. He asked to accompany them in their escape. He was able to provide them with the first of the cubes.

After exploring the warrens the trio found a vast underground lake stretching to the limits of a vast, damp cave. Off to their left a whirlpool spun hungrily next to slick stepping stones leading to a rocky island with a central cave. As they descended the rocky steps to the lake, a gigantic spider sprang to attack but was beat back by the might of our three heroes. However, as they crossed to the first stepping stone both Barehands and Sorcy fell in. Barehands was saved by his great strength and pulled himself from the water. Sorcy spun helplessly toward the sucking maw of the whirlpool only to be saved by a well-timed rope cast from Dragonspirit. They continued cautiously across the rocks, until Sorcy spied a sack on a distant rock and sprang in after it. In it he found another of Mif's cubes but on his return swim he was coiled up in the sinewy length of a sea serpent, Ocean Mist On A Winter Morn. She had been trapped down in this lake by Mif many years ago and had recently laid an egg. She offered to help the adventurers if they agreed to help secure her freedom by breaking Mif's enchantment preventing any exodus from these caves.

The island was essentially a ring of rock surrounding a crater-like cave beneath the sepulcher waters of the lake. Our humid heroes clambered down into the cave, where they discovered a third of Mif's cubes. They then followed it down and back into the lair of gargantuan spider, clearly the sire or dame of the spawn they had fought earlier. Using a his magic, Sorcy both finished the beast but also set its foul nest ablaze, causing foul smoke to come pouring forth. Barehands managed to recover the fourth cube from the flames. They returned to the lake and found Ocean Mist On A Winter Morn in a panic, imploring them to take her egg with them as the smoke grew denser.

The three, wet and befouled in soot, took her egg and scrambled from the island up to a crevice leading to a twisting maze of waterworn caves. They passed several crystal formations until they arrived at pool of luminescent, turbid, undulating, verdant goo. In its acidic embrace floated the fifth of Mif's icons which deft acrobatics allowed our heroes to liberate. They then explored one of the side passages and discovered the final of the cubes. Bringing these cubes to the exit of the other passage, allowed them to pass the seal of Mif and in doing so trigger the magical destruction of the caves.