16 May 1999

Ancient Evil of a Fallen City, Part IV

The Catacomb’s of the Warriors’ Guild

The doughty adventurers are deep within the catacombs of the Fallen City’s Warrior’s Guild, trapped there by Puffthrax the dragon-lord of this domain: Lothar’s paladin, Lady Nagroma the Just and her draconic ally Scorch, Hoshido the drow warmaster, the eleven bladesinger Raven, the sea-elf wizard Matrix, and a servant of the All Mother, Dael Oakleaf.  The group had explored deep within in the catacombs working there way down to the necropolis beneath the Fallen City.
The group broke the seals to the Training Warrens and fought a pack of magically-enhanced trolls, slaying all their number with the aid of foreign warriors from Kara-Tur.  They investigated the troll lair finding Lothar’s Helm of Vengeance and an imprisoned granite-skinned giant, his mighty eighteen foot frame chained by his head to the wall of a side cavern.  After many attempts to free the giant the group was ultimately unsuccessful.  However, he did indicate that he had been put here by a witch who had an underground tower in the vicinity.  The group followed the passage nearest the giant’s vague gesturing and came upon a rough chamber with a large tower hewn out of the stone wall.  As the witch’s albino wolves attacked the party the witch ensorcelled the party members.
In a mighty battle, Lady Nagroma was turned to stone, the barbarian brothers Grimtooth and Fangblood became albino wolves as well, and Dael was also bitten an became a frenzied demi-were-wolf.  By the clever actions of Matrix and Raven they subdued their party mates and fled the spell slinging witch, Carmen.

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