28 July 2003

The Elfdrown Sea

Many centuries ago the elven empire of Tasehaleen ruled the known world.  The elves of Tasehaleen were the masters of war, magic, and science.  Their power was great and their pride greater.  In the end this arrogance angered the gods who sunk their beautiful empire beneath the waves, forming the Elfdrown Sea.  The Elfdrown Sea is a great shallow, calm crystal sea dotted with numerous treacherous snags, reefs and small islands.  Like great teeth, granite mountains ring the sea.  The Elfdrown Sea is a treacherous water but with many rewards.   The waters are shallow enough that divers can easily reach the bottom and retrieve elfgold and arcane treasures, if they survive the horrid abominations that make the Elfdrown their home and the frequent witchstorms, fierce magical tempests that rage briefly and disappear as quickly as they came.   It is also rumored that some of the islands are clumps of petrified trees or buildings and serve as entrances to a great dungeon beneath the waves.  In addition, rumors abound of pirates and other cutthroats using the small islands as bases or even creatures making them their homes.  All elves feel a great melancholy upon these waters and no sea elf lives within the Teeth of the Elfdrown.
Noloc Maps is a cartographer of some note and greater greed.   In an effort to reap even more bounty from the Elfdrown he has planned the single greatest cartographic project of the Elfdrown Sea.  Noloc plans to create a series of maps detailing the thousands of islands, snags and reefs of the Elfdrown Sea, as well as density maps of witchstorms and the foul creatures that make these cursed water's their home.  To this end he has hired the PCs to serve as explorers, sailors, cartographers, etc. aboard his ship the Wayseeker.  The adventurers will start on the Wayseeker after several days travel upon the Elfdrown Sea.  So far you have noticed several things:

  • Sound does NOT travel very far over the waters of the Elfdrown Sea the whole area seems muted or muffled.
  • Magic is usually "well-behaved" but seems to be the catalyst for a witchstorm.  Woe to spell-caster who uses magic during a witchstorm.  However it seems to take 2-4 days before a witchstorm can occur again within a certain area.
  • Even though the waters are usually crystal clear, threatening creatures seem to appear out of nowhere. Glass sharks here are fast, big, and blend almost seemlessly with the sea floor.  The great rager crabs are belligerent and very territorial.   The only welcome creatures have been the locathahs who like exchanging fish for small trinkets and saved a man from drowning.

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