11 April 2009

The Last City

The Last City is a vast and motley collection of dark gray stone buildings, manors, merchant halls, arenas, libraries, homes, and warehouses that sits on the End of the World Sea. The Last City has no graveyards, no mausoleums, and no way to keep the dead. The answer to this mystery is simple, because the Last City is the final mortal transit point for the deceased. The citizens of Last trade with denizens of the eternal resting places of the deceased, conveying their remains on the last step on the prime material plane and in return receiving the substance of magic, arcanium. The deceased are brought by caravan or floating down the river of Yuvrass. Those unwanted by the higher and lower planes are made undead by the Undead Clans, the bodies too broken to be used as thralls become part of the obscene Wall of Living Bones protecting the city. Meanwhile merchants, wizards, sorcerors, and artificers trade arcanium for their purposes, powering their own magiks and rejuvenating the magikal fonts of the world. Great spells and fantastic devices spring from the works of Last.

Despite the brisk trade and prosperity all is not quiet within and surrounding Last. Many factions vie for control of the soultrade and its arcanium riches. The schools of magik desire their own regulation of the mystical economy. The Sorceror's League insists their addiction to arcanium gives them rights to the trade. The Undead Clan increasingly tries to expand its "stock" while the churches of various deities alternate in their vilification of the Last City's business practices. Outside the gates of the Wall of Living Bones, the Luminant King increasingly provocative gestures of war upon the Last City. Occasionally the detente of the the upper and lower planes flares on the crooked streets of Last. Four moons ago a great, hulking metal war golem, scarred and smoking, came blazing through the transit gate for the nether hells only to sink in the End of the World Sea it's fate unknown its origin unclear.

Player characters are citizens of Last, making their life there as agents of one of groups within (or outside) the strange city. They will explore her mysteries and seek to wrest control of her amazing resources.

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