09 April 2017

Way of the Wicked Character Spotlight: Brand Pylgrim

Infernal monk Brand Pylgrim (made with heromaker.com)

Twenty years ago during the Asmodean Purges, Morganian the Younger a 10 year old squire of King Markadian IV the Zealot’s Knights of Alerion was caught up in a fierce battle with Asmodean priests and anti-paladins in the sewers beneath the ruins of House of Barca. One of the anti-paladins bore a Blade of Asmodeus, a powerful, intelligent, magical sword of Infernal make. As the tide turned against the Asmodeans, the bearer of the Blade lost faith in his dark overlord and with the next blow it shattered, the fragments piercing the boy, Morganian, who fell into waters of the sewer and was washed away. The squire and the accursed blade were thought lost.

But this is only the beginning of the tale of Brand Pylgrim. The boy was injured but did not die and the powerful blade was broken but not destroyed, the boy’s mind proved to be no contest to the ancient power of the Blade of Asmodeus in whole or in parts. The Blade of Asmodeus was no longer a weapon, so it created one in the man who would grow to hold it’s shards, building a weapon to appease it’s devilish creator. The blade called this creation Brand Pygrim and forged Brand’s body with Infernal arts of unarmed combat. And now this weapon is ready to take back what the House Darius and the line of Markadian has taken in the name of Mitra.

Would the Blade of Asmodeus wish to be free of it’s new existence?

Does Morganian’s psyche still exist?

Does the family of Morganian still seek their lost child?

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