19 March 2006

Star Wars Miniatures: Despite bloody losses, Fett's Force emerges victorious!

Miko Fett's (Boba Fett) elite mercenary squad faced stiff opposition to emerge victorious in a grand battle royal between General Grievous' Separatist droid army, Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial troops, and the battling Jedi duo of Kenobi and Skywalker. Fett led the villainous droid bounty hunter 2-KYL (4-LOM), the cunning Avaricio (Greedo), Drarish Naelen (Devaronian Soldier) and Counts-Many-Scalps (Utapaun Soldier).
2-KYL took withering fire from both the Imperial and Separatist factions but along with Fett, Avaricio, and Naelen inflicted heavy casualties on the Imperial troops, slaying Mara Jade. Fett sacrificed melee combatant Counts-Many-Scalps by sending him on a suicide run, while he, 2-KYL, and Avaricio picked off more Imperial troopers. Meanwhile Naelen exchanged laser fire with the troops assisting the Jedi duo. 2-KYL fell shortly after to the Imperial blasters and Fett was targeted and hurt by both Thrawn's and Grievous' troops, but the droid soldiers quickly became entangled with the Jedi.
After performing the coup de grace to Thrawn and his troops, Fett, Avaricio and Naelen circled behind the Republic's Jedi team and exchanged fire with their troops. Naelen fell in this exchange, so Fett and Avaricio started shooting the Jedi in the back as they slew Grievous and finished the droid soldiers. Young Anakin was badly injured by Avaricio's aim, but was slain by the last remaining Imperial trooper who also subsequently killed Avaricio. Fett's deadly aim polished off both Obi Wan Kenobi and the Imperial. The wily bounty hunter collected his trophies and slunk away to lick his wounds, ready to fight another day.

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