28 January 2018

The Quest for the Tears of Achlys: Part I

As the horde of Sakkarot Fireaxe laid waste in the East, the Nessian Knot guided by the vilely beautiful Theodora travelled West to the fortress-town of Farholde. Despite several attempts at flirtation, the succubus repelled the Woodsticks amateurish advances. As they neared Farholde, Adrastus teleported in to instruct them on their next mission: to brave the Caer Bryr to find the Horn of Abbadon which was used to imprison the demon Vetra-Kali. Unleashing Vetra-Kali on the Talingarde would cause a plague called the Tears of Achlys, further causing ruin and discontent with the Church of Mitra. The complex ritual to free Vetra-Kali would take time and Adrastus instructed the Nessian Knot that they would need to hold the Horn of Abbadon for sometime to complete it. The Seventh Knot was to serve as security while the Ninth Knot, our villains of the Nessian Knot freed the demon.

After landing in Farholde, the dark party learned of a Mitran nunnery in the fortress-town. They also heard rumors going about:

  • The Knights of Eron, loyal to Mitra, have gone mad. They burn anyone with a black cat as a servant of Osmodius. This is the worst inquisition in 20 years.
  • An elf named Aiden was staying at the Wandering Friar Inn. He journeyed into the Bryr with some Illiri guides and has not been seen since.
  • Lord Welsher, the lord of Farholde, has gone East to help in the fighting. His steward, Sir Valen (a distant relation of the King) holds the castle.
  • Old Devil, a dread cyclopean tiger, has been prowling South of town, again taking livestock and a few peasants.
  • The trees walk deep within the Caer Bryr.

Recognizing Aiden as an agent of Thorne’s, they bribed their way into his rooms, finding gold and a map to the Horn. Meanwhile, Thedora had made contact with an elven noble indebted to Adrastus Thorne. The noble gave them audience, and after establishing their credentials offered what blackmarket aid he could. As the Seventh Knot spread rumors of a serial killer in the town, the Nessian Knot slipped into the thick woods of the Bryr.

They travelled South until they met the guardian of the Horn of Abbadon, a pompous windbag treant. Using the combined mystical and martial might of the Nessian Knot the sentient tree guardian was rapidly brought low. The murderous group then came upon the twisted spire of the Horn of Abbadon. They first decided to investigate the caves at the base of the tortured peak, proceeding to the largest, a gapping, diseased maw in the middle of the Horn. Inside they were ambushed by bullywogs or bogwarts, who used strange croaking to strike fear in the Knot’s heart. During the fight, Grumblejack underwent a strange, painful transformation, arising more powerful than before (#levelup). The Nessian Knot slew the slimy toad people barring their way and journey deeper into the bowels of the Horn.

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